As climate change continues to alter our environment, it has become imperative for us to take action now more than ever. While going green may seem like an uphill battle, making small changes in our daily lives can make a significant difference. Today, Threads by S.O.F.T. explores some tips for homeowners looking to live a more eco-friendly life. From increasing your home appraisal value to reducing your carbon footprint, these tips are easy to implement and can help make a positive impact on our planet.


Increase Your Home Appraisal Value


As more and more homebuyers prioritize sustainability, making eco-friendly upgrades can significantly increase the value of your home. Simple changes such as installing energy-efficient appliances, adding insulation, and switching to LED light bulbs can reduce your emissions and save you money in the long run. Consider investing in renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to power your home. Real Simple notes that these upgrades not only benefit the environment but can also pay off financially.


Downsize Your Lifestyle


Downsizing to a smaller rental home from a large house can significantly contribute to a greener world. Smaller homes typically use less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting, which reduces your carbon footprint. Additionally, a smaller space often leads to less consumption as you're more mindful of what you bring into your home due to limited storage. To find the perfect smaller home, you can explore options with an online search tool. These tools allow you to filter by size, location, price, and other features, making it easier to find a rental that aligns with your sustainability goals.  Or look into one of the many companies offering tiny homes and find some land.  Here's 5 of the most popular tiny homes brands


Use Reusable Shopping Bags


Make a confident change in your environmental impact by using reusable shopping bags. The convenience of plastic bags has long overshadowed the damage it causes to the environment. But don't worry, making the switch to reusable bags will not only reduce your contribution to landfills but also save you money in the long run. Keep a few reusable bags in your car or by your front door to remind yourself to use them more often. It's time to make a difference with a simple and effective choice.


Launch a Green Business


Launching a green business from home can significantly contribute to your sustainable lifestyle. By running an eco-friendly business that aligns with your principles, you're not only lowering your own carbon footprint, but also promoting sustainability to your customers. This can be achieved through several ways, such as offering products or services that are environmentally friendly, reducing waste in your operations, using renewable energy sources, and opting for digital over physical materials whenever possible. Plus, by working from home, you're minimizing commuting-related emissions. A home-based green business can be a rewarding way to merge your career with your commitment to the environment.


Cut Down on Water Usage


Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact on the environment? The US Environmental Protection Agency says to look no further than reducing your water usage! With just a few small changes in your daily routine, you can significantly cut down on your water consumption while also saving money. Replace outdated fixtures with low-flow options, collect rainwater to nourish your garden, and make a conscious effort to take shorter showers. By taking these innovative steps, you can take a powerful stand for our planet's future.


Switch to Green Cleaning Products


Making the switch to green DIY cleaning products is a small change that can have a big impact on our health and the environment. With so many options available, it's easy to find eco-friendly products for every area of your home. Not only are these products more sustainable, but they can also be just as effective as their harsh chemical counterparts. By choosing biodegradable, cruelty-free products free of harmful chemicals, you can do your part in creating a cleaner, greener future for your family and the planet. Plus, with their fresh and natural scents, using these environmentally-friendly cleaning products can make your home feel even more inviting and refreshing.


Conduct Monthly Meter Readings


Taking responsibility for your energy and water usage is a crucial step towards a sustainable lifestyle. Conducting monthly meter readings empowers you to make informed decisions on how you can reduce your consumption and environmental impact. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can identify patterns and pinpoint areas that need improvement. It's not just about saving money on your bills; the positive impact on the planet cannot be overstated. By committing to this simple habit, you'll be joining a community of people dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.


Hang Clothes Out to Dry


Drying clothes on a clothesline has numerous benefits that go beyond just conserving energy. The process of hanging clothes out to dry results in freshly-scented garments that have a unique charm that cannot be replicated by any chemical scent. The environmentally-conscious decision of installing a clothesline or using a drying rack in your laundry room not only saves you a significant amount of money on your energy bills but also lessens your carbon footprint. With this, you're not only doing yourself a favor but also making a significant contribution to the larger cause of combating climate change.


There are many simple changes you can make to live a more eco-friendly life. The tips listed above are easy to implement and can make a significant difference in reducing your carbon footprint. From reducing water usage and using DIY cleaners to downsizing your rental and starting a green business, these changes not only benefit the environment but can also save you money in the long run. By making simple changes in our daily lives, we can collectively make a difference in preserving our planet.

 By: Don Lewis, founder of, an organization to help family of members with disabilities.

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