Learn how to identify fake African print fabric made in China compared to real authentic Kitenge/Ankara African wax print fabrics. 

By partnering with Kitenge Store, Threads by S.O.F.T. can assure our customers that the Kanga and Kitenge/Ankara African wax print bathrobes are made of cotton grown in Africa and printed in Tanzania.  

Threads is committed to offering clothing that you can feel good about wearing.  We make every effort to know where our cotton is grown and under what conditions.  We continue to avoid sourcing cotton from the Xijiang region of China where thousands of muslim minority Uighurs are forced into modern day slavery.  

The above brightly colored African print bathrobe that Pam discovered while visiting Africa is what inspired her to offer similar bathrobes back in the US.  

Rather than bring the idea to LA and have the robes sewn downtown, Pam wanted to support the artisans and textile industry of Africa. It was also important to stay in line with Threads by S.O.F.T.'s core values and source the African print fabric in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

After a year of searching for real African wax print fabric, it is a huge relief to have discovered Kitenge Store in Tanzania and find a like minded spirit in founder, Sian Masawe.